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Marie Matteson

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Hello,! I'm Marie. After working with CSP for over a year, I became a Certified Automation Architect for Cultivating Sales and High Level accounts. I help coaches, consultants, authors, and businesses effectively communicate with an ever-changing audience. With over 30 years of experience working in a variety of businesses - from graphic arts to radio to medical practices - I have the knowledge and flexibility to help you achieve success. <br /> I am happiest when I am able to help others solve issues and create success. My Midwest values and desire to do good work reflect my passion for helping others reach their goals. Becoming an automation architect requires me to continue learning and evolving; something that excites me about my career. In 2021 it became my reality that I could work from anywhere in the world. <br /> Book your inquiry session at

Website/Landing Page/Funnel Design

I love customizing websites, landing pages, and funnels for your specific needs. We can customize a template or start from scratch using your ideas and collaborate on the best design for your niche.

Assessment/Audit/Trouble shooting

Review to ensure that your high-Level account is functioning to bring your defined goals to your clients, and audience. Ensure that all links and or URLs links function: calendars, forms, surveys, memberships, courses, and workflows. GMB is accurate? Is there Read More

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I describe myself as a helper and a problem-solver of most things. It is that high attention to detail that helps me understand business owners' needs and identify issues. I became an automation architect for CSP to help others discover Read More

Animated Logo

The client wanted an automated logo for her coaching business. We made a gif and It will be part of her published work.

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